Group of Friends Playing Basketball

A Winning Team: The Mouth and Body Powerhouse

Your oral and overall health are closely linked. By increasing your physical activity, you’re not only helping your body but you are also improving your smile. Your body’s systems work as a team. Athletes who maintain a healthy weight and...

Brushing Basics - Easy as A B C

Brushing Basics: Easy as A, B, C

Brushing may be as simple as, “Do-Re-Mi,” but many people are still doing it incorrectly. Forget reading, writing, and arithmetic (for now). We’re gonna teach you how to get an “A” (in brushing). 

Why I Love My Dentist Blog Feature Photo

Why Do You Heart Your Dentist?

In honor of National Dentist Day, we want to know what you love most about your dentist. Let us know your answer by sharing one of the images below on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. 

Typical Teething Timeline

Teething is hard on everybody. Your child is uncomfortable, and, since misery loves company, chances are you aren’t the happiest parent either. Never fear — help is here! Learn what to expect and how to help your tot’s teething troubles:...