3 ways to help your family enjoy summer without sacrificing their smile:

3 Secrets to Summer Schedules

“I need a vacation,” said no dental routine ever. You and your family do need a break, and school is out for summer! From family road trips to sports and sleepovers, kids have the freedom to enjoy a much-needed vacation.

the relationship between heart health and oral health.

The Heart of the Matter: Heart and Oral Health

Heart health and oral health have a lot in common. Both gum disease and heart disease involve swelling (inflammation). Gum disease affects the tissues that surround and support teeth. It’s an infection caused by a sticky film of bacteria called...

Wedding season is in full swing! Here’s how to ensure an aisle-worthy smile:

Smile Down the Aisle this Wedding Season

Wedding bells are ringing. Whether you’re the bride to be or it’s your best friend’s big day, wedding season is in full swing. Here’s how to ensure you have a smile that’s picture perfect — as a guest, bridesmaid, or...